Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Help Wanted Ad!

We are currently looking for administrative support which would allow our scout leaders to concentrate their energies on the development & delivery of our youth programme. At the moment much of our time is spent fulfilling support roles in addition to the time spent scouting with our youth members & living our lives!

Do you have admin skills that you'd be able to share on a voluntary basis? For example are you good with figures or have fundraising skills? Or event management experience? Perhaps you're a bit of a whizz kid when it comes to PR? Stock taking & acquisitions skills would also be a valuable asset to any group. Chairing skills are another essential component of a well run group.

Maybe you're one of the many people who's wondered about volunteer work but would rather stay behind the scenes/doesn't fancy working directly with youth members? If so we have several opportunities available for YOU..!

Are YOU new to Edenderry & want to get to know the community? Volunteering is a brilliant way to get to know people...

Maybe you would like to learn new skills & work with young people after all? No experience? Don't worry, we offer the right people free formal & on the job training & mentoring so that you'll be equipped & can hit the ground running!

*We are a charity & all positions are of a voluntary nature with usual recruitment procedures in place. Successful applicants are Garda vetted by Scouting Ireland & Safeguarding training is mandatory.

Interested?  We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us through this page for more information...