Just Where Does That Badge Go?

Thanks to the 3rd Kildare (1st Celbridge) Scout group, I now know where to advise our scouts to place their badges.  While there are some very nice diagrams available both on-line and in the relevant section publications, there has always been some degree of confusion as to where exactly badges should be placed on a scout's uniform.

In my own house this confusion has led to badges being lost or simply gathering dust until such time as my scouts were able to locate their final resting places. I am also guilty of having misinterpreted information and given the wrong advice to scouting mums, the end result being some frustration and having to relocate the said badges to the appropriate place.

One of the most confusing things to date is the location of the patrol badge. By process of elimination it would appear that for once we chose the correct place, this is a minor miracle as on the diagrams already referred to there are several dark blue spaces that have not been labeled appropriately leading to quite a guessing game as to which badge is which shape, etc. It may be fun, but ultimately it has been somewhat frustrating!!!

Click here for more information on the placement of the new badges. Please be aware that the patrol badge shown is pre-One Programme...

Where To Place Your Badges

Also to be found on their website is a handy video demonstrating the correct technique to be used for sewing the same badges to YOUR uniform...

So, now you know where and how to sew those badges on, let's have more badges on show please. You've worked hard for them, so now you should be showing them off!