Kit List

Kit List

Full Scout Uniform (Clean):
1x Scout Shirt                                1xScout Trousers
1xNeckerchief                                1xWoggle

Prescription Glasses if worn should always accompany scouts on activities, sunglasses are optional!

Essential medications, ie inhalers, etc should always accompany scouts on activities/nights away. It is essential that a Managing Medications Form is completed and returned to the Scouter in Charge before any overnight or pack holiday commences.

Essential Items:
1x lge Rucsac with waist belt        1xJacket
1x sml day bag                                 1xHiking Boots
1x sml insulated flask                    1xGaiters (optional*)
1xWater Bottle                                1xHat
1xWaterproof Jacket/Kagoul      1xWaterproof Trousers
1x med lunch box                          
1x Scout folder, notebook, pen & pencil  
1xBlack Plastic Bag
Sleeping Bag (350gsm/3-4 season minimum) & Stuff/Dry Bag   
1xRoll Mat                                         
1xMidnight Snack Bag!
No Pillows Please - these should be made using stuff bag and clothing!

Wash Gear:
1xLge Towel                                 1xHand Towel
1xFace Cloth                                1xSoap
1xToothbrush                              1xToothpaste
1xShampoo                                  1xDeodorant
1xToilet Roll                                1xWet Wipes (optional)
1xHand Cleanser Gel                 1xInsect Repellent*

Sun cream*/lip balm*/Vaseline*/insect repellent* 
Eating Gear:
1 each Knife, Fork, Spoon       1xUnbreakable Mug
1xUnbreakable Plate                1xUnbreakable Bowl1xTea Towel & Dish Cloth

Clothing: (minimun)
2xWarm Fleece                             
2xTrousers - not cotton jeans
1xSwimming Togs*, Hat,Goggles(opt)    
5xUnderpants & Socks
1xOld Footwear/Crocks

1xPersonal First Aid Kit:              1xPersonal Sewing Kit
Plasters                                                   Needles
Anti-Septic Wipes                                Thread    
Clean Tissue/Dressing Pack              Shirt Buttons
Safety Pins

Survival Gear:                              *Optional Items:
1xBivvy Bag                                        1xWire Saw
1xPoncho (Tesco’s)                           1xCompass
1xGardening Gloves                         1xPruning Saw
                                                             1xPara Cord
                                                             1xFlint & Steel
                                                             1xDisposable Camera

Parents, please ensure that your child has all the items on this list, it is essential for your child's welfare they have the correct personal equipment. Items marked with a star* are optional items dependent upon seasonal requirements.
Activities/Consent Forms:
Before any youth member is allowed to participate in activities/overnights an activities consent form must be completed and returned to the scouter-in-charge.
·       Youth members requiring medications may be required to self medicate if they over the age of 11years, ie scout age.
·     A Managing Medications form must accompany any youth member requiring regular medications. These are available from the scouter-in-charge.

These items may only be brought on activities with the prior knowledge & permission of the Scouter-In-Charge and must be done so with due regard to the laws governing the ownership and carrying of knives.

·    Penknives may only be carried by youth members on occasions when “they have reason to do so” ie taking part in a scouting activity including weekly meetings.

Penknives must be transported to and from specified activities in the bottom of your bag/rucsac.

·       Penknives must be surrendered to a responsible adult/scouter-in-charge for safe keeping while not in use.
The use of penknives is only permitted under the supervision of scouters until such time as a scout is deemed competent in their use.

Electronic Items:
Mobile phones and other expensive electronic items should not be taken on activities by youth members. Scouting Ireland and the adult members of 4th Offaly Scouts - Edenderry take no responsibility for prohibited items taken on activities without their knowledge.