Thursday, 14 February 2013

With Grateful Thanks For Your Support...

4th Offaly Scout Group - Edenderry thanks everybody who has supported us during our first year of being open. We especially want to thank the adults who have offered us support by giving up their time either to help run weekly meetings, to run the scout group at committee level and especially to the parents of our youth members for their help with fund raising and keeping the group open!

Our first year has been an exciting year and an active year. For a new scout group we've been lucky regarding tentage, thanks to the efforts of our friends over at Scouter's Motorcyle Club who worked tirelessly collecting tents at music festivals, sanitizing them and either donating them or selling them to raise funds for the group. They've also helped a few other scout groups with gear along the way. 

At the very beginning, back in January 2012 Scouter's MC made a huge donation which allowed the group to purchase programme materials for use by our very first cubs and scouts, and of course the adult scouters!

Not forgetting our intrepid bunch of adult scouters, this donation also paid for 9 scouters to complete Stage 1 & 2 training, 2 scouters progressed to Stage 3 training, 1 to Stage 4, one scouter to complete the Group Leader Training Course, and two scouters to complete Stage 6 training. 

In addition to this first aid courses have been undertaken and there is more training waiting in the wings - we hope to train 1 scouter to Stage 4 and 2 scouters to Stage 5 later this Spring.

Training is an ongoing commitment for the group. All our scouters have agreed to progress through the Scouting Ireland training system which leads to an internationally recognized qualification. Even our support scouters, our committee members and our parents and friends group undertake the first two stages of scouter training and are garda vetted. All in all, scouting is a safe environment for anyone joining, we make sure of that!

 We'd also like to thank two of our cub parents who have recently volunteered to get a bit more involved. Soon we'll be putting their names down for Stage 1 (Welcome To Scouting) and Stage 2 (Child Protection Act Awareness) training while they await the results of their Garda vetting, and so, as you can see the cycle begins again...

Without your ongoing support 4th Offaly Scout Group - Edenderry wouldn't be able to continue delivering a child friendly programme that delivers fun and adventures for kids aged 9 - 18 years old.
 So, we'd like to say Thank You! in the biggest letters this page will allow and look forward to another great year working with the youth from Edenderry!

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