Monday, 12 January 2015

Calling All Eager Beavers!

Recently 4th Offaly Scout Group - Edenderry undertook our annual review of how the group is developing...

Second Glance Resale Shop presenting us with their generous donation...

Since the group opened in January 2012 we've come a long way. Actually we've come an awfully long way! From having the cub and scout section when we started we now have a third section, ie the Venture Scouts which caters for boys and girls aged 15 - 17yrs. AND we've also got our very own Rover Scout who's 20! These extra six young people are an exciting development for us!

Our Group Leader being helped to climb just six feet off the ground...

But that's old news. As these six young people have been working through our programme what's come to light is the fact that our young people are getting older and progressing through the programme as each year passes. An example of this is that in the last year the cub pack lost 9 members to the scout troop, almost decimating it! Likewise the scout troop lost 1 member to the venture scouts.

Caroline showing our group how to gather her parachute
 We've also had nine young people join us to see if scouting was for them. Unfortunately it wasn't, but that's okay, we expect that. Luckily we've succeeded in attracting several more young people to sign up for the adventure who decided to stay!It's this cycle that allows us to progress through scouting, delivering the stuff of adventure at our weekly meetings in preparation for the real deal in the great outdoors...

Cubs visit Irish Parachute Club
 One thing we've noticed is that the waiting list for a Beaver section continues to grow while its oldest members slowly attain the age requirement for joining the cub pack. Currently we also maintain a waiting list for parents who've expressed an interest in joining the group in order that we can create a place for their child in a beaver section. This elite band of waiting parents is shrinking as their children become cubs or lose interest in beavers altogether.
Woggle making at Recharge
 If have an interest in working with young people, especially those between 6 & 8 years old, we would love to hear from you. All we ask is that you allow us about one hour a week to help us run  meetings for our youth members, some times this might be slightly longer and occasionally a little less!

Climbing Croghan Hill in dense fog
All our adult members, ie 18+ are put through our garda vetting process & offered mandatory training at no cost to themselves. We also take up references. Once this has been completed successfully we should be in a position to invite you to work with us at our weekly meetings and activities...

24hr Sponsored Tree Sit - Rathangan - 2014
If you have skills that you think you'd like to share then why not approach our group leader to discuss how you can help us...? You DON'T have to have any scouting experience or even have children of your own. So long as you are willing to learn and enjoy new experiences we'll help with the rest...

Jumping up & down in flying suits at the IPC

At heart each of our adult members is a big kid, the difference is that we're not afraid to let it show. Whether this is hanging around in a tree on a sponsored sit-out, or just getting together with fellow scouters at the end of year celebrations, we know how to have a laugh! Every man, woman and child can have the adventures that some only dream about. We foster the aim of self reliance, building confidence in ourselves and others. Why not consider joining us?

Kayaking on the Grand Canal

If this sounds like you, or you'd like to help us start up a beaver section, we'd love to hear from you. Indeed, if you just fancy a life of adventure we'd love to hear from you too. Actually, we just love to hear from you!

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