Friday, 30 October 2015

The Phoenix National Challenge 2015 - What Happened?

Our new badge complete with unicorn...

So what happened at the Phoenix Challenge2015?

Well, in a nutshell the scouts worked hard & played hard....

There were moments when they just couldn't go on. 

There were moments when they just didn't want it to stop. 

We got a new group badge. Did you spot the unicorn yet?  

They built their campsite using spars from Rahin Woods. 

The logs for their fire came from the sycamore tree that came down in a storm outside Pauline P's kitchen window.

 They participated in challenges galore! One of them included a fish - or three!

Jack & his fish!
Fire - nice...
Ughhhhh! Get that thing away from me...
They made lots of friends and then squeezed them all into a six man tent on Saturday night.

At the trade fair...
Their currency was Cheerios!
They sold bags of saw dust for use as tinder or air-fresheners, slices of ash as souvenirs, sold aloe vera plants and goodness only knows what else at the trade fair. 

What did they use for currency? Cheerio's! One pale one = €1 & a brown one = €2...

They got wet...
They built things from wood...

They made us very proud & better yet they had a great time!  

They were awarded Bronze Standard for their efforts. 

For their first time competing in the Phoenix that was fantastic news. 
These guys put an outstanding effort into achieving this award so WELL DONE guys, you really should be proud of your selves.

What makes this feat so amazing is that last year was our first year participating in Slieve Bloom county events. 

So, we went to our first county challenge and qualified to compete in the Phoenix Challenge, much to our own surprise! 

We did loads of things that we hadn't done before including making the discovery that shared scouting can be great craic!
Get that thing away from me PLEASE!

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