Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fundraising In Scouting

Like any voluntary organisation fund raising is essential. Without it, there would be no scout group at St Mary's Parish Centre, Edenderry.

Thanks to the efforts of our friends over at Scouter's Motorcycle Club we had a great start, in fact we probably opened our doors a little earlier than originally anticipated on account of this. A few friends, all of whom are motorcycle enthusiasts and scouters got together and organised events such as a bike rally based in Rhode, a village just up the 'road' from our scout group (sorry, the pun was definitely intentional!).

There have also been several forays to the various 'summer' music festivals over the past few years, Oxyen, The Electric Picnic and Castle Palooza to name just a few. Sadly, we weren't there for the craic rather to help out with operation clean up. This entails making sure that each and every one of the thousands of tents left behind are empty of human life, as ultimately everything left behind gets bulldozed...

Basically SMC (Scouters Motorcycle Club) have been given the privilege of cleaning up after the festival goers have departed, collecting anything of use for the purpose of supporting scout groups in need. Picnic chairs have been gathered and sold to raise funds, lost property has been returned to its owners, tents have been acquired and donated to scout groups in need and we now have enough tent pegs to support all our tents at our next group camp!!

SMC has also raised funds by providing catering at private parties and boutique festivals. Some of our members have walked the streets of Dublin city on a bank holiday Monday in June. All in all, SMC have been our saving grace...Now, however we need the help of our parents as well as our friends!

Just this afternoon we were informed that we have been given permission to help the customers of Dunne's Stores in our hometown of Edenderry. We will be BAG PACKING to raise funds for our own scout group over the weekend of 12 & 13th October...

In order to make this a success We Need You! We currently have 26 youth members on our books and 10 adult scouters. This potentially allows us to ask at least 60 adults for assistance in this task. The arithmetic may seem a little odd, but this is allowing for doubling up of parents in the case of two children families, Mr & Mrs Scouter, etc!!!

Please, please put Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October in your diaries and come on out to give us a hand! Hopefully the more packers in place on these dates the less the commitment in time for any one member will be and the less cash will be needed to keep our scout group afloat in the year to come...

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