Friday, 22 March 2013

Paddy's Day 2013

Guys, we'd really like to thank everyone who turned out on a cold, wet & windy Paddy's Day this year. It turned out to be ghastly, didn't it?

We were delighted to see that several of the cubs had listened to the advice given for just this eventuality, ie lots of warm layers & raincoats!

Now perhaps it would have been a nice idea to have worn these under our uniforms, to allow them to shine, but you know what, I'm just pleased that you turned up & that you didn't freeze!

Aside from the boat/float that the scouts were in being well covered with out details, I think our new banner told everyone who we were, didn't it? The organisers were delighted to see so many feet on the street & so were  we. You did us proud!

There will be photos later on...

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